Mega Tots

Mega tots football classes are designed for 3-4 years old & 4-5 year old children and the classes are centred around ball control and coordination skills, developed through fun and engaging games. Children learn more challenging commands, and develop good habits such as holding their head up while practising footwork.

Classes include a wide variety of skills and topics to develop children in a wide variety of area's. We encourage parents, guardian and carer participation but also introduce and encourage working with other children and in small groups.

At Progressive Tots we believe play is the motivator and promotes continued and repeated practice. This disguised learning in itself is a powerful tool, however we believe in not only teaching the children how to perform the skills, but also to understand why and where to use the skill in the real world. This transcends all six areas of our curriculum.

  • Personal, social & emotional development
  • Knowledge & understanding of the World
  • Communication, language & literacy
  • Physical development
  • Mathematical development
  • Creative development.

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